Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

Course Networking

Department of Humanities & Applied Sciences
Sr.Name of the StaffUser IdCourse Link
1Prof.Karuna BholeKB505
 Dr. Anju AryaAA1436
2Dr. Lahu TeliLT472
3Prof. Nina NarasimhanNN747
4Prof. Usha BagUB37
5Prof. Saumya PhilipSP893
6Dr.Monika WaghMW445
7Dr.Jyoti MahajanDM510
8Dr Fahad U.FU40
9Prof. Sunny B. SallSS1790
10Prof. Sarala YadavSY366
11Prof. Bhavik ModiBM352
12Prof. Vikas SomankarVS221
13Prof. Roshan MishraRM485
14Prof. Poonam PangarkarPP655
15Prof. Dipali BholeDB322
16Prof. R.KalaiarasiKR396
17Prof. Yogendra VishwakarmaYV49
Course Networking- HAS
Sr. No.Name of StaffCourse Networking LinksSubjects Courses
1Karuna Bhole Physics-I
2Nina N. Communication and ethics
3Monika Wagh Communication and ethics
4Lahu Teli Chemistry-I
5Anju Arya Chemistry-I
6Usha Bag Mathematics-I Mathematics-III
7R. Kalaiarasi Mathematics-I Mathematics-III
8Saumya Mathai Mathematics-I Mathematics-III
9Sarala Yadav Mathematics-I Mathematics-III
10Pradeep Verma Mathematics-I Mathematics-III
11Kajal Thapar Physics-I
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