Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

Training & Placement Cell and Higher studies

Career Counseling committee aims at to guide and direct students to set their career goals and stimulate them to exercise their consistent endeavors to accomplish their career objectives. Keeping in view the competence, interests, and acquired knowledge of the students, it channels the young trainees to fetch lucrative specialized career. Various sessions are conducted to evaluate the students on the basis of their professional as well as interpersonal skills. Committee helps them to explore new knowledge and inculcate recent company attitudes among them as per the requirements of the global competitive world.

The Placement Cell performs liaison work between the Institute and organizations and serves as an interface to establish the best student-organization fit by arranging campus interviews. It acts as a nodal point for all placement-related activities and assists students in developing an effective job search strategy by providing relevant information and resources.


  • To keep students updated with the latest operational trends and career prospects.
  • Facilitate trainees to illustrate and expose themselves with confidence and buoyancy.
  • To acquaint them with numerous job opportunity.
  • To guide them for entrepreneurship.
  • To help students to prepare for placement interviews/higher studies and help them to choose an appropriate organization.

Role and Responsibilities

  • It is the duty of the committee members to conduct counseling sessions to evaluate the instructive as well as cognitive tendencies of the students. Students with disruptive approach towards their future should be given extra guidance. Such problems can be solved by taking the assistance of the parents of such students.
  • Committee should be responsible enough to cater the need of bright students. It should help them to acquaint with new rising company as well as new working trends.
  • Every student should be given the chance to expose his weaknesses and express himself/herself completely. A free and frank conversation is thus needed to peep through the personality of the student. Committee should be liable to create congenial environment for this.
  • Any other duties the Director / Principal may assign.
  • Preparation of an attractive and comprehensive Placement Brochure.
  • Organizing Pre–Placement Seminars by Companies.
  • Getting the Pre–Placement Job Announcement Form (declaration) filled in by the representatives of each visiting company.
  • Maintaining and regularly updating Database of Students.
  • Maintaining Database of Companies and establishing strategic links for campus recruitments.
  • Gathering information about Job fairs and all relevant recruitment advertisements.
  • Coordinating with companies to learn about their recruitment procedures.
  • Identifying the needs and expectations of the companies to assist them in recruiting the most suitable candidates.
  • Organizing pre-placement training for students (Soft Skills, Dress Codes, Mock Interviews).
  • Arranging periodic meetings with Human Resources Departments and TPO’s of companies to promote our Institute.
  • Collecting feedback from employers where our students are placed.
  • Any other duties the Director / Principal may assign.

Committee Members

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