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Advancing Education and Crime Detection: A Dual Blockchain Initiative at SLRTCE

Unraveling the Digital Trails: Inside the Cryptocurrency Investigation Lab

Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Justice

Blockchain Forensics, A Dive into the Secrets of Cryptocurrency Investigations
In today’s digital age, cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the financial landscape. However, with their increased usage, illicit activities involving digital assets have also surged. That’s where the Cryptocurrency Investigation Lab at SLRTCE, in collaboration with Lab Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd., steps in. We are dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of blockchain and helping law enforcement agencies combat cybercrimes involving cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrency Investigation Lab Services:
Why Blockchain Forensics Matters:
Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, were designed to offer anonymity, making them an attractive tool for criminals. However, our Cryptocurrency Investigation Lab is committed to countering this trend. We aim to assist law enforcement in apprehending wrongdoers and ensuring that the digital realm remains a safe place for all.
At SLRTCE’s Cryptocurrency Investigation Lab, we are at the forefront of blockchain forensics, working diligently to track and analyze cryptocurrency-related activities. By partnering with Lab Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd., we offer custom training solutions, internship projects, and investigative services that empower digital forensic experts and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Together, we are dedicated to making the digital world a safer place.

List of Project

A Decade of Innovation, SLRTCE's Diverse Portfolio of Projects

Lab Systems has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge solutions for digital investigation and analytics. Through our collaboration with Lab Systems, we have successfully executed two transformative projects: ICVPro and Coinspector. These projects have revolutionized image and video analytics as well as cryptocurrency and dark web investigations, enhancing capabilities in digital forensics and security.

ICVPro is a versatile software tool designed to elevate image and video analytics to a new level of sophistication. It supports various image and video formats, including JPEG, PNG, MP4, AVI, and more. This software empowers users to perform a wide range of tasks, including object detection, motion detection, face detection, people counting, license plate recognition, and specific object identification.

Key Features:

  • Object Detection and Tracking: ICVPro allows for efficient object detection and tracking, enabling monitoring and analysis of objects and regions.
  • Geotag Analysis: The software provides geotag analysis capabilities, aiding in location-based investigations.
  • Facial Recognition: Integrated facial recognition with watchlists enhances identity verification and security.
  • Media Forensics: ICVPro facilitates the extraction of embedded images from various document formats.
  • Annotation Grouping: Efficient organization and tracking of related annotations for comprehensive monitoring.

Project Team:
AI and Python Team:

  1. Ankita Upadhyay
  2. Loukik Naik
  3. Chirag Jha
  4. Mala Soren
  5. Rakshita Poojary
  6. Tanmay Jha

UI Team:

  1. Shreya Pandey

Coinspector is a comprehensive on-premises tool designed for investigating and tracking illegal transactions and activities involving cryptocurrencies. This software is a vital asset for law enforcement agencies in identifying the source of funds, tracking transaction histories, and establishing a clear chain of evidence for suspicious activities. Coinspector seamlessly integrates with various third-party solutions to derive intelligence from different OSINT platforms.

Key Features:

  • Transaction Tracking: Coinspector enables the tracking of cryptocurrency transactions to uncover illicit activities.
  • Evidence Chain: Establishes a clear chain of evidence for use in legal proceedings.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with third-party solutions to enhance intelligence gathering.

Cryptocurrency Team:

  1. Sapan Shah
  2. Darsh Jain
  3. Jeet Sharma
  4. Suyash Bhosale
  5. Kruti Rathod
  6. Ayush Rajbhar

UI Team:

  1. Kompallayal

The Avedana SOS application is a mobile application with a mission to provide users with a quick and efficient way to report incidents and connect with responders who can offer assistance. This project has been developed with a user-centric approach, offering a range of features to ensure the safety and support of its users.

Key Features:

  1. Incident Reporting: Users can easily report incidents by clicking on the “report incident” button. They are prompted to provide essential information, including the incident’s location, a detailed description, and the option to attach relevant images or audio recordings.

  2. Responder Connection: Once a user submits a report, it is immediately sent to a designated responder who is available to assist. The responder has the option to accept or reject the request. If they accept, they receive all the information provided by the user, including images and audio recordings.

  3. Dynamic Responder Allocation: If a responder rejects the request, the report is automatically forwarded to another available responder. This dynamic allocation ensures that incidents are addressed promptly, ensuring users receive the assistance they require.

  4. Progress Tracking: Users can track the progress of their reports through the application. They receive updates on the status of their report, including when it has been accepted by a responder and when assistance has been provided.

Team Members:

  • Tanmay Jha (Mobile App + Web App): Tanmay has played a pivotal role in developing both the mobile and web applications. His expertise in app development has been instrumental in creating a seamless user experience for Avedana SOS.

  • Anuj Yadav (Web App): Anuj has contributed significantly to the web application’s development, ensuring that users can access and interact with the platform seamlessly through their browsers.

  • Vaibhav Nohwar (Web App): Vaibhav’s expertise in web application development has been invaluable in building a robust and user-friendly web interface for Avedana SOS.


The Avedana SOS application is not just a reporting tool; it’s a lifeline that empowers users to seek help and responders to offer assistance promptly. With its intuitive incident reporting, dynamic responder allocation, and progress tracking features, it stands as a powerful solution for ensuring the safety and support of users in times of need. Avedana SOS exemplifies the positive impact that technology can have on society, providing a valuable resource for both users and responders.

Securing the Future, Blockchain-Based Transcript Verification at SLRTCE

Ensuring Trust and Authenticity, SLRTCE's Blockchain-Based Transcript Verification System

At SLRTCE, we understand the paramount importance of academic integrity and the trust that lies in educational credentials. That’s why we’ve partnered with Sapphirus Systems to introduce our innovative Blockchain-Based Transcript Authentication System. This pioneering solution leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide a secure and transparent way for students and employers worldwide to verify academic transcripts.

Key Features:

  1. Blockchain-Powered Security: Our system uploads academic transcripts to the Ethereum blockchain, where they are securely stored with cryptographic assurance. This ensures the tamper-proof nature of the data, making it immune to unauthorized alterations.

  2. QR Code Verification: Each student is provided with a unique QR code linked to their academic transcript. This QR code serves as a digital key to unlock the authenticity of their credentials.

  3. Global Accessibility: We believe in making academic verification accessible to anyone, anywhere. Anyone from any part of the world can easily verify a student’s transcript by scanning the QR code and uploading it on the college website.

Why Choose Blockchain Verification:

Our Blockchain-Based Transcript Authentication System offers several benefits:

  • Security: The blockchain’s immutable nature ensures that academic transcripts remain secure and unaltered.
  • Transparency: The verification process is transparent and easily accessible to anyone with a QR code.
  • Global Recognition: Employers and institutions worldwide recognize the credibility of blockchain-based verification.


SLRTCE’s commitment to academic integrity and innovation has led us to introduce this groundbreaking solution. Our Blockchain-Based Transcript Authentication System provides a robust and transparent means of verifying academic credentials. With this system, we ensure that our students’ accomplishments are recognized and trusted on a global scale, fostering trust and authenticity in education.

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