Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering



a)Cryptocurrency Investigation Lab

SLRTCE is in tie-up with Lab Systems, a professional company which is dedicated to providing supreme digital investigation solutions over the past two decades. Lab Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. empowers various digital forensic companies & law enforcement agencies across the globe with custom training solutions. The company has provided internship projects on investigating Cryptocurrencies to our TE and BE students. Blockchain Forensics is basically like any other cyber lab but instead of tracking FIAT or currency we track cryptocurrency and investigate suspected criminals, wallets, and addresses for helping catch culprits for doing illegal activities. Consider bitcoin as an example, it is a cryptocurrency designed for anonymity and criminals also use this to their advantage. Hence the cryptocurrency lab is required to track and analyze these activities. The lab investigates any suspected activity in the following manner or steps-
  1. Searching premises – Here initially, the evidence against a crime is gathered and the premises or place of crime is investigated to detect the use of cryptocurrency. It can be wallet addresses, cryptocurrency hardware wallets or mnemonics of wallet or any transaction.
  2. Working on Live Computer- Here suppose we have the suspected computer , we can start working on that by searching for installed softwares, wallet addresses which might have been written down and stored in a file or checking memory dumps.
  3. Exporting Wallets- Here we see how to import a found and exported wallet onto a lab computer, and then how to analyze the contents of the wallet such as the used addresses and the current balance.

b)Blockchain Based Transcript

SLRTCE has a Blockchain based Transcript Authentication system in association with Sapphirus systems. We upload the transcript on Ethereum blockchain and generate a QR code .This QR code we give to students. Anyone from any part of the world can verify the transcript by uploading the QR code on the college website.

Link for verification: Click Here

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