Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

Web Development Club

Welcome to the Web Development Club!

Our Web Development Club is a vibrant community of creative and enthusiastic individuals passionate about the ever-evolving world of web technologies. Whether you’re a seasoned coder or a complete beginner, our club provides a supportive and engaging environment for you to learn, collaborate, and innovate.


  • Our main and focused objective is to make members of the club aware of the latest trends and technologies available in web development.
  • To acquire knowledge and skills for designing websites.
  • To create a small web Development community that share same interests.
  • To help members develop teamwork and skills.
  • To encourage innovations.

Faculty Incharge:

Mrs. Reena Kothari

Why Join Us:

Skill Development: Gain practical experience and enhance your web development skills through hands-on projects, coding challenges, and workshops conducted by experienced developers.

Innovation: Collaborate with like-minded individuals to brainstorm ideas and work on innovative web projects, from personal portfolios to dynamic web applications.

Networking: Connect with fellow web developers, share knowledge, and foster professional relationships that can lead to collaboration and mentorship opportunities.

Career Growth: Stay informed about job opportunities, internships, and industry insights to help you prepare for a successful career in web development.

Creative Expression: Express your creativity through web design and development, and learn how to turn your ideas into visually appealing and functional websites.

Events Conducted:

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