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e-yantra Lab

Through E-Yantra, we aim to nurture a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of robotics.

SLRTCE is proud to collaborate with IIT Bombay to bring the e-Yantra Lab to our campus. As a college-level programme under the National Mission on Education through Innovative Classroom Teacher (ICT) programme, e-Yantra aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of robotics.

Our e-Yantra Lab provides students with hands-on experience in designing and developing embedded systems to solve real-world problems. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and resources to facilitate learning and experimentation. Our faculty members and technical staff provide guidance and mentorship to help students develop their skills and knowledge.

The e-Yantra Lab is part of the eLSI initiative, which encourages colleges to set up robotic labs to nurture the next generation of embedded system engineers. By participating in this initiative, our students have the opportunity to work on real-world projects, gain practical experience, and develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Through our collaboration with IIT Bombay, we aim to create a community of innovators and entrepreneurs who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on society. Join us at SLRTCE and take advantage of the e-Yantra Lab to explore your passion for robotics and embedded systems, and prepare yourself for a successful career in this exciting field.

e-Yantra Team for the academic year 2022-23:-

  • Mr Sandeep Dwivedi (GL)
  • Mrs. Sonal Padalkar
  • Ms Tanvi Thakur
  • Mr Atul Mishra

List of Activities e-yantra

Empowering the Future of Robotics: Exciting Activities at SLRTCE’s e-yantra Lab
Sr. No. Title of Activity Date of conduction Faculties Students
1 A Technical Session on “Fusion 360” 25th May 2022 8 Faculties (4 Mech+ 3Extc+1ECS Nil
2 Workshop on Robotics & Embedded System” at IIT Bombay 10-11 June 2022 Mr. Sandeep Dwivedi, Ms. Tanvi Thakur, Ms. SonaliPadalkar and Mr. Atul Mishra Nil
3 Workshop on “Breaking of Barriers ” at IIT Bombay 18-Jun-22 Mr. Sandeep Dwivedi Nil
4 E-Yantra Robotics Competition-IITB (2022-23) From 01 August 2022 onwards 4 Faculties as a Mentor 13 Students
5 E-Yantra Innovation Challenge competition 22-23.   4 Faculties as a Mentor 15 Students
6 Product Development Process and its importance in BTech Projects 12th September 2022 20 Faculties from ECS & EXTC 197 Students from EXTC & ECS
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