Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering


The Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (IETE) is a prominent professional society for electronics and telecommunication engineers in India. The IETE has a rich history of promoting excellence in the field of electronics and telecommunications, and its Mumbai center is known for its contributions to the industry.

In January 2011, the Executive Council members of IETE Mumbai center inaugurated the IETE Student Forum (ISF) at Shree L.R. Tiwari College of Engineering in Mira Road, Thane. The ISF is a student-led organization that provides a platform for students to showcase their talent and develop their skills in various technical and non-technical fields.

The ISF at SLRTCE organizes various co-curricular activities for the students to enhance their overall development. These activities include technical seminars, workshops, guest lectures, industrial visits, cultural and sports events, and social outreach programs. The aim is to create a conducive learning environment that promotes innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

As a member of the IETE and ISF, students can benefit from networking opportunities with industry experts, professionals, and fellow students. They can also participate in national and international events, conferences, and workshops organized by the IETE and its affiliated organizations. This helps students stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the field and enhances their career prospects. These programmes are, such as,

  1. Participation in Oscillations, organized by Mumbai centre at different colleges,
  2. Project competitions,
  3. Technical seminar,
  4. Industrial visit.
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