Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

Embracing Excellence at One of the Top BE Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra - The Department of Humanities and Applied Sciences

At one of the top BE engineering colleges in Maharashtra, the Department of Humanities and Applied Sciences serves as the bedrock upon which the diverse branches of engineering firmly establish their foundations. Much like a nucleus within an atom, this department occupies a central role within each engineering discipline, seamlessly integrating Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Mathematics, and the essential elements of Professional Communication and Ethics.
Within the confines of the Department of Humanities and Applied Sciences, students are welcomed into an atmosphere of inclusivity and warmth. The constant buzz and activity throughout the semester bear witness to the vitality of our experienced and dynamic faculty members, who foster a teaching and learning environment characterized by both enjoyment and equity.
Under the astute guidance of our technologically adept mentors, a vast network takes shape, propelling young engineers toward the realization of their ambitions. Equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, spacious classrooms, and an array of amenities, this department transcends its academic role, becoming a true ‘second home’ for all its members, supporting their growth and aspirations.
As part of one of the top BE engineering colleges in Maharashtra, the Department of Humanities and Applied Sciences plays an integral role in shaping the future engineers of tomorrow. Join us on this journey towards excellence and unlock your full potential in the heart of Maharashtra’s engineering education landscape.


To develop skills, attitude and explicit knowledge in aspiring students, thus laying the foundation of Engineering Basics.


To deliver meaningful and quality engineering education and foster ethical behavior in a conducive and interactive environment.
Course Details   AICTE Approved Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Affiliated to Mumbai University
Year of establishment 2010
Faculty strength 21
Intake of Dept. 540
Number of Labs. 06
Number of Classrooms 06
PublicationsNo. of Faculty membersNumber of Publications
National Conferences0507
National Journals0206
International Conferences0406
International Journals0405
Book Publication
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