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Genenome Editing : The Next Big Revolution in
Indian Agriculture

Innovation has been the foundation of major agricultural advancements that have improved food security in India. While the 1960s saw high-yield dwarf crop varieties enter breeding research, the Green Revolution scaled up breeding for commodity crops to a whole new level, and a focus on agronomic crop management practices backed by government policies pushed Indian

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a distributed database or ledger that is shared among the nodes of a computer network. A Blockchain serves as an electronic database for storing data in digital form. The most well-known use of Blockchain technology is for preserving a secure and decentralised record of transactions in crypto currrency systems like it coin. The

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All about Cyber Security Cyber Security can be explained as a successful approach having multiple layers of protection across individual or public at a global networks, computers, data, programs that the person intends to keep safe from public breaching. The basic components of an organization ie. People, processes and technology all need to complement each

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Private Equity is a shape of opportunity funding wherein a rich man or woman invests cash/capital right into a personal employer that isn’t always indexed at the inventory exchange. Private Equity is an asset magnificence that lets in excessive internet really well worth buyers (HNIs) to spend money on personal organizations with the ability to

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Soft Skills as a Connection Between Campus and Corporate in the Context of Engineering Education

Soft Skills or interpersonal skills or people skills is the most discussed and evaluated term in the academic and industry from the last one decade. Almost all corporate recruiters demand their prospective employees to be good, rather best in soft skills and communication. But somehow, the educational institutes are not fulfilling the expectations of corporations

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The science of astronomy can definitely feel “out of this world,” but it has also led to many great inventions used in our daily lives. Here are just a few areas where the study of celestial bodies benefits life on Earth. Communication Five radio antennas of the Australia Telescope Compact Array in New South Wales,

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