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Welcome to ITSA Your Gateway to Technological Excellence

Welcome to the ITSA (Information Technology Student Association) Student Chapter page at SLRTCE. ITSA is a dynamic and student-driven organization dedicated to fostering innovation, excellence, and camaraderie among Information Technology students. Here, you’ll discover the exciting world of ITSA and the opportunities it offers for students to enhance their academic and professional journey.

ITSA-SLRTCE, short for Information Technology Students Association of Shree LR Tiwari College of Engineering, is your passport to a world of technological innovation and growth. Established in the academic year 2021-22, we are a dynamic student chapter dedicated to empowering Information Technology enthusiasts and bridging the gap between classroom education and real-world technical skills.

At ITSA-SLRTCE, we understand the importance of practical knowledge and industry readiness. Our committee is committed to organizing a wide array of events and activities that will equip you with the technical skills needed to excel in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

We believe that true engineers are not only well-versed in technical knowledge but also possess a holistic understanding of the world around them. That’s why our focus extends beyond technical skills to nurture your overall growth. With ITSA-SLRTCE, you’ll become a well-rounded engineer ready to face the challenges of the future.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide a continuous and progressive platform for technophiles like you to explore advanced technologies. We aim to encourage your active engagement in various facets of your holistic growth, ensuring that you not only survive but thrive in the tech-driven world.

Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Reena Kothari, Assistant Professor
Faculty Coordinator: Mrs. Sonali Padalkar, Assistant Professor
Sr. No Name of Students Class ITSA Management Post
1 Ms. Sneha Singh TEIT President
2 Ms. Shreya Samanta TEIT Vice-president
3  Mr. Naitik Sodha TEITTechnical Head
4 Mr. Aman Yadav TEIT Social Media & Graphic head
5 Ms. Saba Mansuri TEIT Content Writer
6 Mr. Sahil Mohite TEIT Treasurer


Explore our Exciting Lineup of Events
At ITSA-SLRTCE, we believe in providing our members with a diverse range of events that cater to their interests and help them gain valuable skills and experiences. Here’s a glimpse of the events we have conducted in the past and what you can look forward to in the future. Join us in shaping your IT journey!
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