Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

This survey gives us stronger indication on what out student community feel about this new teaching/learning experience.
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On top of that we added some features where regular update of the positive cases,nation wise and state wise will be shown

IMP features:

  1. We have added the awareness video and photos of our nss team
  2. Some quiz and survey questions have been added you also get certificate for that
  3. We have developed one members card section  where you get card this card proof you are the member of fight against covid committee
  4. We added donation link where peoples can donate and it’s directly link with the government fund
  5. We added information about coronavirus and it’s symptoms and prevention
  6. We added live channel where people can see live news.

Fun features:

  1. We added recipes section where you can publish self new recipes and dishes
  2. We have developed fun library where you can download all books and you can also listen that books and we also added somw education books 3)We added some learning platform where you can learn different coding and different languages
  3. We added movie section where you can download movies and watch online

App tour YouTube link : click here

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