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Counselling Psychologist

Counselling is sharing your thoughts and emotions freely. There will be absolute confidentiality maintained between the Counsellor and the Client (person approaching with their problem). It can be any kind of difficulty or problem you’re facing currently. The sessions of Counselling will be taken on call.

Please contact via:
Mobile no. +91 9892591610
E- mail:
Timings : From 9am to 5pm

F.No 1-1/2020(Seey)

5th April,2020

Subject : Mental Health & Well-Being of Students during and after COVID-19

Ref : D.O.No Seey(HE)/MHRD/2020 dated 4th April, 2020

Dear Madam/Sir

The University Grants Commission has been issuing regular advisories requesting HEIs

To take all possible preventive and precautionary measures to ensure the safety and security of student, whether on campus in hostels or outside, as we confront the COVID-19 outbreak. During the period of national lockdown, it is equally important to address any kind of mental health and psychosocial concerns of the student community during and after COVID-19.

  1. Share the following video links of Ministry of Health & Family welfare on your University/Collage website, and with students and faculty via e-mail, through social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter etc.:


Stay Indoors, Stay Healthy. Stay safe


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