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While scientists and inventors come up with innovations, it is engineers who apply these discoveries to the real world.

The question is WHETHER TO BECOME A COMPUTER ENGINEER OR AN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENGINEER ????? Let’s attempt to clear up any confusion.

If you’re thinking about getting a degree in either field, it’s important to know which one is a better fit for your interests and strengths. It can help to think of it this way: Are you more interested in the type of technology that would work best in a given situation, or in how the technology works?

We are living in an era of Digital India. These days, computers are found everywhere right from the grocery shop to government offices , industries,etc. Opportunities are available globally due to its global use. The computer and IT engineering curriculum emphasizes core subject knowledge, problem-solving approach, industry internship, industry-academia and collaboration. This trend has encouraged a lot of students to join the B.E. COMPUTER ENGINEERING & B.E. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING

What is Computer Engineering ?

The study of designing, building, and maintaining hardware in modern computers is known as computer engineering. A degree in computer engineering teaches you the elementary skills required for a career in coding or programming. It provides you with a solid understanding of the theory underlying the processes involved in creating and applying it. Join the B.E. COMPUTER ENGINEERING

What is Information Technology ?

The practicality of technology is known as information technology. A degree in IT engineering will prepare you to supervise the company’s IT infrastructure and assets. Information Technology degree courses do not provide a comprehensive understanding of programming, but they do teach you the fundamentals. You can specialize in areas such as database management, networking, or security in the future. Join the B.E. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING


IT products and services include a laptop, Kindle, mobile phone, camcorder, Microsoft Office Suite, search engines such as Google or DuckDuckGo, Windows Operating Systems, a Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) Network, a Tata Sky TV box, a GPS unit, scientific calculators, a social networking site, and a payment transaction service.

Computer Scientists design, develop, and programme all of these IT products and services, which are then installed, tested, run, and maintained by IT professionals as well as Engineers from other disciplines.

To Summarize , Join a program that ensures that you have the in-demand skills and knowledge to land a job in your desired field. APPLY ONLINE !!
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Ms. Saumya Philip

Assistant Professor at Shree L. R. Tiwari College Of Engineering

Ph.D.-Pursing, M.Sc. (Maths)

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