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Highest paying jobs in Mechanical Engineering jobs in India

Mechanical Engineering the oldest branch of engineering and also evergreen branch has contributed to many innovations. The scope of mechanical engineering is vast. The development and advancement in technology has increased the importance of this field. Students are discovering a new found interest in learning about robotics, nanotechnology, and so on which are still new with ample opportunities to explore.

Ongoing developments in technology have opened up new avenues for mechanical engineering. It has moved on from just manufacturing and testing of equipment and large machinery to robotics, CAD (Computer-aided design) aeromechanics, new materials, and many more. The most popular and highly sought-after domains are mechatronics and robotics. These two domains utilize a combination of the knowledge of mechanical engineering with other streams to deliver innovative and unique products. Skilled mechanical engineers in modern times, are moving to diverse industries with high pay packets. It has been projected that very soon the demand for mechanical engineers will surpass the supply.

Mechanical Engineering touches our everyday life. It is present in healthcare, climate change, energy or transportation. Mechanical Engineers attempt to create sustainable solutions in these spheres through the design and development of components and machines. Mechanical Engineering is one of those fields which is evergreen and is not subjected to any downturn during economic recession. It has a global importance and extends beyond geographical boundaries.

There are innumerable opportunities in this field and upon successful completion of this course the various avenues for employment exist in the

  • Software Industries
  • Chemical manufacturing plants

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