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What does future hold for the Engineering Industry Jobs in India?

Well! the topic is very interesting and mind boggling to the aspiring candidates, parents and mentors. India being a emerging economy with youngest pool of people across the globe in the terms of their age and second highly populous country. The desire of life, liberty, education, health and luxury grows hand in hand with population. All the desire of human existence ends with application of science (i.e. Engineering). Right from birth in hospital the application of science begins with equipments and medicine and the need prolongs thereafter. The example stated simply says that everything around is simplified and solved by engineering. As India is growing in population,GDP, and will power.the needs will be subsided by developing the infrastructure be it highway, bridges,schools, hospitals, satellite stations, universities,cyber city, and judicial system, all those will be delivered by engineering professionals and engineering leadership. So the nation development programme is the development of human needs, and Human needs will be pacified by human force under the best Engineering practices. So the growing demands in the society grows the demands of engineers. India needs engineers to develop the nation, and engineering minds of India are the champions in global organisation. So we recommend all the students, parents and mentors to take up the dynamic field of engineering to excel in your career where limits are beyond the sky.

As rightly said by Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam “Creativity is seeing the same thing but thinking differently”.

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