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Best New-Age Jobs in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Every day, when we look around, we can find ourselves surrounded by gadgets and electronics. Living without ’em seems almost impossible. From refrigerator to LCD, microwaves, air conditioners, everything was a gift from electronic engineering. Even your mobile telephones are gifts from this industry. Almost all those involved in this field have studied Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering (EXTC).

A four-year B.E. degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering has a lot of scope in the times to come. We may very well see how electronic devices, gadgets and gadgets have led the world in a new direction. With technological advances and a desire to enhance pre-existing methods, the reach of B.E. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is growing.

Recently, India approved a $10 billion incentive plan to establish chip and display industries in the country as it seeks to become an electronic manufacturing center. The government anticipates attracting investments of $1.7 trillion for more than 20 units. The Centre plans to notify the scheme in a few weeks, fast track approvals and handhold companies as they set up a manufacturing base in India, which will add a workforce of 85,000 semiconductor engineers, is being readied to help overcome the chip shortage.

In contemporary times, there are numerous possibilities of modernist employment for those who have completed this degree. There are a lot of notable companies (both private and government) in which EXTC graduates can explore job opportunities like Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, Samsung, HCL, Hewlett-Packard, Infosys, Flipkart, BSNL, L&T Infotech, Deloitte, Oracle, IBM, Intel, Future First, Capgemini, Mu-Sigma, Huawei, Dell

Electronic Engineer

 Electronic engineers use their expertise to design, develop, and evaluate electronic systems and components. Key responsibilities of electronic engineers include knowledge of customer needs and sharing of all costs and other terms and conditions. They must also provide customers with estimated plans and timelines.

Field Test Engineer

 As the name suggests, the main responsibility of the candidate under this job profile is to test and evaluate all the projects. The field test engineer has to discuss the projects with the potential clients and then they have to make sure that the designs have been executed as per the planned specifications.

VLSI Design Engineer

 The VLSI Design Engineer designs the functions of modules of system-on-chip (SOC) as per the given specifications. VLSI stands for Very Large-Scale Integration and consequently, the VLSI Design Engineers have to create integrated circuits by combining numbers of transistors into a single chip.

Service Engineer

 Service engineers have to keep in touch with the customers even after the product is sold. They have to supervise all the repair and installation requirements. Their primary function is to stay in touch with clients and resolve the problems they face.

Network Planning Engineer

 Every organization has to be connected by an integrated network system. The Network Planning Engineers have the responsibility of planning the complete network setup for an organization. They have to maintain the internal as well as the external network of an organization.

Desktop Support Engineer

 The organization’s work can get affected in various ways. Some parties continuously try to break the security systems. So, a Desktop Support Engineer has the role of fixing server and security problems while providing effective support to computer networks.

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering has gained major recognition over a few decades, especially after the innumerable electronic advancements. Satellites, cooking appliances, appliances, smartwatches, electronic devices used in health care, and other industries are related to this domain only. The foregoing are only a few opportunities which this degree has to offer. Once you enter an engineering college, you will experience a brand-new world of options opening up.

Before such a year, there was a landline age in which everything was planned on telephony ideals. Electronics and Telecommunication, for example, is a subject that improves the telecommunication system. ECE is the upgraded version of ETC that came with the smartphone revolution. The emerging artificial intelligence technology is the focus of the ECE course. On the other hand, we may say that ETC is a component of the ECE programme.

Nowadays, everybody is unsure whether ETC or ECE is a viable professional path. However, there is no need to induce confusion because both are nearly identical. ECE is the next step up from ETC, including new technology subjects, principles, and practical applications, among other things.
While applying for engineering admissions, keep in mind that these are all equivalent; if one institute offers ETC rather than ECE, go for it, and vice versa. The only change is the title, which is the same for all of the subjects.

There are two sorts of organisations that offer opportunities in this field: Telecom Industries and Software Industries. There are positions available in the federal government, state governments, and the public and private sectors.

Service engineers are responsible for numerous areas within and outside of facilities, including the design, installation, and monitoring of mechanical, electrical, and public health safety systems.

  1. Desktop Support Engineer Skills
  2. Knowledge of computer science.
  3. Knowledge of software engineering.
  4. Background in IT.
  5. Strong communication skills.
  6. Problem-solving skills.
  7. Ability to multitask.
  8. Keep calm under pressure.

VLSI Design Engineer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.8 Lakhs to ₹ 17.4 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.5 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 89 salaries received from VLSI Design Engineers.

Electronics and communication Engineers have versatile job opportunities like Communications Engineers, Technical Director, Network Planning Engineer, Desktop Support Engineer, Field Test Engineer, Electronics Device and Development Engineer, Service Engineer.

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