Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering


The College is striving hard to give thrust to the Digital India Program in terms of ICT and Technology Education. In this regard, courses from Microsoft and Oracle have been promoted, so that students can achieve International standards in education. Many students have got certificates from for their performance at competitive exams. The teaching staff thus get exposure to collaboration and interaction with faculty from other institutes in states across India. Recently, the staff underwent rigorous training AICTE-ISTE approved Short Term Training Programme on “Outcome Base Education (OBE) & NBA”  ,Two Day’s National Level NAAC sponsored seminar on “Transformation and Empowerment through Education” & Webinar on “Framework for outcome based Academic Research”. The teachers participate continuously in various other Faculty Development Programmes throughout the year. Keeping in line with the vision of the institute to provide high quality technical education, the institute has introduced the use of tools such as google classroom, blogs, and Coursera in all institutional activities. The google classroom followed in each Department not only supports course management, but also generates new learning opportunities with social networking as the foundation for learning. The various tools for creating new posts, broadcasting live videos, creating quizzes, polls and other interactive tests with any kind of media attachment helps students develop a deep understanding through comprehension and reflection.

Reward points are given to learners as they participate on the social learning platform, share knowledge, solve assignments and build a good network. It is mandatory for each staff member to create a course and ensure that all students join the course at the beginning of each semester. The teacher uploads all learning material, assignments, question banks and quizzes throughout the semester. This provides easy and quick access to each student. Even those who are on medical leave and cannot come to college can access the data and work towards the completion of the course. The teacher follows up with any student who has not responded to assignments/quizzes uploaded. An extensive notification system provides notification messages via smart phone, email and the website. Personalized social networking offers the capability of creating learning groups and interest groups. Course pairing provides dynamic networking among learners from courses within different institutions and countries. Students are encouraged to start their own blogs and enhance their creative and technical writing skills and develop a broad network. A Facebook Page called has been created by students for so that any student from any year/branch can share their blogs. Links to staff profiles on Course networking and Staff WordPress pages as well as student and alumni blog links are put up on the college website.

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