Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

Alumni activities Committee

The goodwill and glory earned by an Institute depend to a great extent on the achievements and reputation of its alumni. In recognition of this fact, Alumni Association aims to foster interactions and reinforce the bonds between alumni and the Institute through activities, programs and services to nurture mutually beneficial relationships. It makes the Institute proud to know that its alumni are successful in their lives and careers by dint of their endeavours.


The Alumni Committee establishes contact with alumni who are committed to promoting the welfare of their alma mater, supporting its traditions and goals and enhancing the Institute’s fame locally and globally. It shall coordinate meets to perpetuate friendships formed in collegiate years and organize programs that instill a sense of belonging and pride in the alumni.

Role and Responsibilities

  • To plan and organise alumni meet in every academic year and maintain its records.
  • Create cell phone app to maintain / update alumni data.
  • Creating alumni directory and networking.
  • Capturing email/SMS contact so that we can greet alumni on birthdays, intimate about meets, college events, conferences etc.
  • Getting information about special achievements by alumni.
  • Fetching alumni feedback on various matters.
  • Enhance alumni involvement in college activities by receiving inputs; organize frequent seminars to promote alumni involvement in placement, career counselling, teaching pedagogy, guest lectures, projects, endowments etc.
  • College infrastructural facilities (Library/ Sports/Conference Halls/ Canteen etc.) may be made available to alumni for various purposes.
  • Explore and implement the efforts put in by other national/international institutes to develop alumni associations.

Committee Members

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