Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

Counselling committee

Committee Members


  1. Opens the meeting by welcoming the referring teacher(s), parents, and student; describing what is to be accomplished at the meeting, and how long the meeting will last.
  2. Guides the Team through the stages of the problem-solving process.
  3. Maintains control of the meeting (g., requesting that participants not engage in side-bar conversations, reminding the team to focus its problem-solving discussion
  4. Meets with the referring teacher(s) briefly prior to the initial RTI Team meeting to review the teacher referral form, clarify teacher concerns, decide what additional data should be collected on the student
  5. Write a short introductory ‘script’ to ensure that important points are always reviewed at the start of the m
  6. After the RTI Team meeting, consider sending periodic emails to the referring teacher(s)
  7. Solve RTI query as per solution taken in meeting and informed to higher authority and concerned department.
  8. After approval , it should be sent to RTI department and face RTI resolution committee if they called for the same.


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