Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

Sports and Gymkhana Committee

Committee Members​


To provide healthy leisure time for every SLRTCE students.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Coordination with the Student Sports Secretary
    • Keeping stock of previous and current years’ sports goods.
    • Ordering sports goods in consultation with the Office Superintendent.
    • Arranging the venues for sports  events  in  consultation with  the  Office Superintendent.
    • Drawing lots for various sports.
  • Coordination with the Principal
    • Obtaining permission to hold sports events in the college campus.
    • To recommend students for permission to participate in the intra-or inter-college events.
    • To recommend sanction for Entry/Registration Fees to participate in various sports events.
    • To recommend attendance to students who have taken part in sports events.
  • Sort out any issues taking place during matches (team selections, objections, quarrels etc.).
  • Maintaining discipline in all events happening in and outside the college.
  • Holding sports events for staff members.
  • Maintaining records of sports events attended by students outside the college, within the University and outside. This is especially important from the Annual Day point of view, as the information is required for the Principal’s Report and Prize Distribution Ceremony.
  • The schedule of events for the whole academic year shall be finalised well in advance in consultation with the Students’ Sports Committee.
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