Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

Student Support System

Role of student support System: Student support and services contribute to the quality of their learning experience and their academic success. Studies show that the most important factors in education quality assurance are: quality of teaching / learning and service systems and support for students (Hill et al, 2003). Therefore the importance of support activities for the students is obvious but also presents the management of services with difficulties due to the increasing number of students and their needs. They help to decrease the university dropout rate and increase the diversity of students experience. (Tinto, 1993). Without effective student services, students that do not have an academic, emotional and social connection with the institution at cultural level are more likely to give up their studies. An important role of student services is to prepare students for active participation in society. Along with teachers and non-governmental organizations they contribute to increased learning opportunities and community involvement by organizing or promoting internships, experiential units or short-term experiences, integrated into the curriculum. (UNESCO, 2002)

On relationship with students:
  • Assists students in transition to university life
  • Help students to explore and clarify their values
  • Encourages the development of relationships of friendship and a sense of belonging to a campus community
  • Assists in identifying financial aid resources in further education.
  • Creates opportunities to expand the cultural and aesthetic horizons of students • It teaches students how to solve personal and group conflicts.
  • Provides special programs and services for students who have learning difficulties.
  • Contributes to the understanding and appreciation of ethnic differences, racial or otherwise.
  • Creates opportunities for leadership development.
  • Establishes programs that encourage a healthy lifestyle and reduces misbehavior.
  • Provides opportunities for recreation and leisure.
  • Provides counselling and career guidance, helping to clarify professional goals, exploring options for further study or employment.
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