Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

Criterion 4 : Research, Innovations and Extension

CriteriaSub-CriteriaName of sub-criteriaName of documents
Criterion 4 – Research, Innovations and Extension4.1.1Adequate Infrastructure for teaching-learning.4.1.1 Infrastruture List
4.1.2Adequate facilities for cultural activities.4.1.2 Carnival Event Detailed Report with snaps
4.1.3ICT Enabled
4.1.4Expenditure Excluding Salary4.1.4 Audit report
4.2 Library as a Learning Resource4.2.1Library Automation4.2.1 ILMS
   4.2.1 Library Layout
 4.2.2E-resources4.2.2 List of Blackbook
 4.2.3Expenditure of Books4.2.3.1 Books Bills
   4.2.3 Audit Report
 4.2.4Library Usage4.2.4 Library Usage
   4.2.4 Usage Calculation
4.3 IT Infrastructure4.3.1IT Facilities4.3.1 Inventory
   Internet Bill
 4.3.2No. of Computers4.3.2 List of Computers
 4.3.3Internet BandwidthInternet Bill
4.4 Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure4.4.1Expenditure on Maintenance of Infrastructure4.4.1 Audit Report
 4.4.2Maintenance Procedure311 Lab Stock Register
   Requisition Form
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