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Welcome to the Information Technology Books page at SLRTCE, where we provide access to an extensive collection of books covering a wide range of topics within the Information Technology field. Our mission is to offer students, faculty, and technology enthusiasts a gateway to in-depth knowledge and expertise in IT-related subjects.
Sr. No. Name of the teacher Title of the book/chapters published Year of publication ISBN/ISSN number of the proceeding Name of the publisher
1 Dr. Deven Shah Advanced computer Networks 2011 9350040131 Dreamtech Press
2 Dr. Deven Shah Linux Labs and Open Source Technologies 2014 978-9351194545 Dreamtech Press
3 Dr. Deven Shah A Complete Guide to Internet and Web Programming 2009 978-8177229257 ‎ Wiley
4 Dr. Deven Shah Dental Image Processing for Human Identification 2019 978-3319994703 Springer
5 Ms. Deepali Patil Computer Network 2022-23 978-93-5583-169-9 Tech-Neo
6 Mrs. Rupali D Pashte Big Data Analytics 22-23 978-93-5583-080-7 Tech-Neo
7 Mrs.Madhuri Gedam Book Chapter-Performance level evaluation of cryptographic algorithms 2021-22 2367-3370 Intelligent computing and networking
8 Mrs. Deepali Patil Advanced computer network 2021-22 978-93-91472-10-8 Tech-Neo
9 Mrs. Deepali Patil Computer Networks 19-20 978-93-89835-66-3 Tech-Neo
10 Mr. Sunil Yadav Finger Knukle Print Recognition using Hybrid wavelets 18-19 978-3-330-05491-2 LAMBERT
Sr. No Author Name Title of Book Name of Publications Month and Year ISBN No
1 S.Yadav, A.Desai and V.Yadav. “Knowledge Management in Customer Relationship Management” LAMBERT Publication Jan-2014 978-3-659-50443-3
2 V.Yadav,V.Bharadi and S.Yadav “Finger Knukle Print Recognition using Hybrid Wavelets” LAMBERT Publication. Sep-2018. 978-3-330-05491-2
3 Deepali Patil and Abhijit Somnathe “Computer Networks” Tech-Neo publication Jan 2020. 978-93-89835-66-3
4 Deepali Patil “Advanced Computer Networks” Tech-Neo publication Jul-21 978-93-91472-10-8
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