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Embark on a journey of industry exploration with the Information Technology Department’s Industrial Visits. Discover how our students gain real-world insights and experience through exciting industry tours.
Name of EventIndustrial visit to Bombay Stock Exchange – Event Masterclass in Data Science
Date of Event11/09/2023
Faculty In ChargesMrs. Swati Bhatt, Assistant Professor IT dept.
Objective of the visit:
  1. Provide students with practical insights into data science applications in the financial domain, especially focusing on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).
  2. Bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world financial data analysis.
  3. Equip attendees with valuable skills for future career opportunities in data science and finance.
Event Details:The “Event Masterclass in Data Science” was a highly anticipated gathering that brought together students, faculty, and industry professionals keen on exploring the convergence of data science and finance. Topics included field challenges, trends in algorithmic trading, and the impact of big data on investment strategies. A highlight of the event was a live demonstration of data analysis using real Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) data, allowing attendees to engage in hands-on analysis, trend visualization, and predictive modeling on a dedicated data science platform. This interactive session enabled participants to apply their newfound knowledge practically, enriching their understanding of data science in the financial domain.
Outcome of the Visit:
  1. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the practical applications of data science in the financial sector, particularly in the context of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), enabling them to bridge the gap between theory and real-world data analysis.
  2. The panel discussion with experts provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in the field of data science in finance, along with the latest trends in algorithmic trading and the significance of big data in shaping investment strategies.
  3. The live demonstration and interactive data analysis session empowered participants to apply data science techniques to actual BSE data, equipping them with practical skills and knowledge that can be directly applied to future career opportunities in data science and finance.

Name of EventIndustrial Visit Automation Expo Bombay Exhibition Center – Goregaon
Date of Event26/08/2023
Faculty In ChargesMr. Manthan Joshi
Objective of the visit:
  1. Motivate and inspire students
  2. Enhance students’ knowledge
  3. Focus on the latest technology trends Provide exposure to market innovations
  4. Encourage exploration of cutting-edge technology
Event Details:This event, known as the 16th South East Asia’s biggest show, provided students with valuable insights into the latest technologies employed by industries. The expo focused on key areas such as IoT, AI&ML, Robotics, electronics, and cybersecurity, offering students exposure to current trends and ongoing live projects. Additionally, numerous companies expressed interest in providing internships, workshops, and even establishing labs within the college, enriching students’ opportunities for practical learning and industry engagement.
Outcome of the Visit:
  1. The visit significantly increased students’ awareness of the latest technologies, including IoT, AI&ML, Robotics, electronics, and cybersecurity, giving them valuable insights into the cutting-edge tools and innovations used in the industry.
  2. The expo facilitated valuable industry connections, with several companies offering internships, workshops, and the potential to establish labs at the college. This provided students with practical exposure and real-world experiences, enhancing their employability and readiness for future careers in technology.
  3. Exposure to Market Dynamics: Students gained a deeper understanding of market dynamics and the competitive landscape through interactions with leading industries and companies at the Automation Expo.

Name of EventIndustrial Visit to Govardhan Eco-Village (Solutions Towards Sustainability)
Date of Event10/04/2023
Faculty In ChargesDr. Vikas Kaul.
Objective of the visit:
  1. Motivate students and ignite their interest in environmental sustainability.
  2. Enhance students’ knowledge by showcasing practical applications of eco-friendly technologies.
  3. Promote sustainability and encourage eco-conscious principles among students.
Event Details:This award-winning eco-tourism project spanning 100 acres in the Sahyadri mountain range aims to propagate sustainable living practices and environmental conservation while immersing visitors in the rural Indian experience. During the visit, students were educated about sustainable farming, eco-friendly construction methods, waste management, and renewable energy systems. They also had the opportunity to engage with the local community and explore various workshops and activities promoting eco-conscious living, providing valuable insights into sustainable practices and their real-world applications.
Outcome of the Visit:
  • Enhanced Environmental Awareness: Students gained a deeper understanding of sustainable environmental practices and the importance of eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Practical Learning: They witnessed firsthand the practical applications of sustainable farming, eco-friendly construction, waste management, and renewable energy systems.
  • Community Interaction: Interacting with the local community provided insights into rural life and cultural experiences, fostering a sense of community engagement.
  • Inspiration for Sustainable Living: The visit served as an inspiration for adopting eco-conscious principles and sustainable living practices in both personal and academic life.
  • Broadened Horizons: Students were exposed to diverse workshops and activities, broadening their horizons beyond traditional classroom learning.

Title: AR /VR Lab VisitDate:  10st October  2019
Venue: Thakur Institute Of Aviation TechnologyInstructor Name: Mr. Tushar Roy
Time: 10:30 amDuration: 2 hour
Audience: SEITNumber of Participant:26

To create awareness and hands-on experience on advance concept of AR/VR Technologies.

Methods and Description:

Students had a visit to Thakur Institute of Aviation Technology on Thursday, 10th October 2019. In this advance lab visit they were introduced to VIRTUAL REALITY & AUGMENTED REALITY and how it is made possible.
Firstly, students were made aware of what virtual reality is by showing us a wide range of application of this technology throughout the globe. Many universities like MIT, STANFORD ETC have implemented virtual labs which can help students carry out dangerous experiments in a risk free environment. Students were also made aware as how VR is used ibn automotive and aeronautical sciences how it is used to scan planes and other machines, search for malfunctions etc.
Later, students were made to experience VR first hand. They were made aware of motion trackers, how VR headsets work and what cave technologies is?
Following actual demonstration, students had a entertaining session where they were made to wear VR headsets and explore a Virtual lab, because of the experiencing VR personally, They understood the application of motion sensors, how they track eye and body movements and how it is projected into the computer a great extent.
This lab visit made us realize how VR tech can help students understand 100% more better ,how smartphones can have virtual labs can be made available to every Student and how it can enhance teaching and learning experience to an another level of greatness.


  • Participants learned the advancement in AR/VR technologies with hands-on experience.

Title: IVDate:  9st October  2019
Time: 10:30 amDuration: 3 hour
Audience: TEIT & BEITNumber of Participant:70

To create awareness and hands-on experience on Entrepreneurship and Management skills.

Methods and Description:
Students had a visit to ISME SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Lower Parel on Wednesday, 9th October 2019. In this Industrial visit they were introduced to Business and Management skills and benefits and why Startups are important.

Firstly, students were made aware of importance of startup nowadays and what are future benefits and they also discussed what current trends in different domains of industry are

Following actual presentation, they learned about 7 different startups which were failed and what was the reason behind it. Students had a entertaining session where they explored the ISME Campus and they had a great experience while exploring the campus with best infrastructure.

This Industrial visit made us realize that how students can improve Entrepreneurship skills and become successful in future.


  • Participants learned the advancement in Business and management skills and got Industrial Exposure.

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