Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

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Course Developed by Faculty on Course Networkin Year 2019-2020 SEM:-IV , VI , VIIIg Site
Sr.No Name of Faculty Course Link Id Number Course Name
1 Prof. Samita Bhandari SB744 IE
2 Prof. Vikash Agarwal VA177 KOM
3 Prof. Saumya Philip SP893 AM-IV
4 Prof.P. Damodar DP355 PP-II
5 Prof.Amarnath Landge AL571 FM
6 Prof.Dhiraj Singh DS537 MQE
7 Prof.P. Damodar DP355 MQE
8 Prof. Aditya Prabhukhot BM352 MD-I
9 Dr Fahad Z. Usmani FU40 MD-I
10 Prof. Yogita Yerne YY230 RAC
11 Prof.Durgesh Pal DP356 RAC
12 Prof. Roshan Mishra RM485 RAC
13 Prof.Manish Rane MR482 FEA
14 Prof.Amol Jadhav AJ409 MTRX
15 Dr Fahad Z. Usmani FU40 IA
16 Prof.Vijay Kapare VK161 DMS
17 Prof.Vivek Akolkar VA176 RES
18 Prof. Yogita Yerene YY230 PE
19 Prof.Vikas Somankar VS221 PE
20 Prof.Durgesh Pal DP356 EM
21 Prof. Vikash Agarwal VA177 PM
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