Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

Digital Library

SLRTCE has a spacious Digital Library with a huge reading room as well as a computer centre, open to students and faculty members for reference and research. The library has a rich collection of 16872 books, 69 National & 26 International Journals and 834 CDs for learning. The institute has subscribed to IEEE ASPP (All Society Periodical Packages). The Library provides NPTEL Video Lectures for the advanced learning of concepts and upgrading of knowledge. All students and faculty members of the institute are permitted to make use of library facilities, following a code of Ethics to maintain the system and uphold its sanctity. The library greatly facilitates both undergraduate and post graduate students in writing papers during research work. Specific software is installed in the computer systems and is used to check for plagiarism. Books and journals are issued freely to all students irrespective of any barrier.

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