Shree L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering

Maintenance Policy for facilities


1. Maintenance of IT Infrastructure
The institute has a full time IT Manager to look after the regular maintenance and upgradation of IT facilities. He is assisted by lab assitants and faculty lab incharges for efficient management of IT infrastructure.
Sr.No Facility Maintenance Schedule Responsible Person
1 Internet On-Call IT Incharge, Service Provider
2 Software Daily IT Incharge
3 PCs Daily IT Incharge
4 Printer Daily IT Incharge
5 WiFi On-Call IT Incharge
6 Projector Daily IT Incharge
7 LAN Connection Daily IT Incharge
8 Server Daily IT Incharge
9 Firewall Daily IT Incharge
10 Networking Hardware Daily IT Incharge
The Server and the firewall are covered under the Comprehensive Annual Maintenance contract.
2. Civil Maintenance Policy:
Civil maintenance includes painting, carpentry, constructional repairs of windows, doors, benches, platform, chairs, tables, sports equipment etc. A casual repairs of buildings is carried out on daily wage basis and there is a contractor for substantial works. For machine shops and workshops, the workshop in-charge takes responsibility of general maintenance.
Sr.No Facility Maintenance Schedule Responsible Person
1 Classroom Quarterly Civil Maintenance Incharge
2 Labs Quarterly Civil Maintenance Incharge
3 Machine Shop Quarterly Civil Maintenance Incharge
4 Library Quarterly Civil Maintenance Incharge
5 Gymkhana Quarterly Sports Incharge, Civil Maintenance Incharge
6 Seminar Hall Quarterly Civil Maintenance Incharge
3. Academic Maintenance Policy:
Every laboratory maintains a complete record of the equipment such as Dead-Stock Register, Maintenance Register, utilization and Lab-Readiness Certificate. All the documents are verified by Lab In charge (a faculty member) and are kept in accordance with the standard procedures. Record of equipment servicing is maintained. During servicing if anything needs to be purchased it is done through a requisition slip. All technical maintenance of equipment is outsourced to an external agency and servicing is done on a regular basis.
Sr.No Equipment Maintenance Schedule Responsible Person
1 Projector Daily IT Incharge
2 Laboratory Equipment Daily Lab Assistant, lab In-charge
3 Machine Shop Machines Daily Machine Shop Incharge
4 Lecture Capturing System Daily IT Incharge
4. Maintenance of Support facilities Policy:
Sr.No Equipment Maintenance Schedule Responsible Person
1 Housekeeping Daily Administration Incharge
2 Rain water harvesting Quarterly Administration Incharge
3 Compost Pit Quarterly Administration Incharge
4 Water Tank Quarterly Administration Incharge
5 Water Purifier Quarterly Administration Incharge
6 Fire Fighting Equipment Quarterly Administration Incharge
7 Gardening Daily Administration Incharge
5. Electrical Maintenance Policy:
The policy includes regular maintenance, repairs, replacement in case of breakdown. It also includes emergency maintenance on priority basis.
Sr.No Equipment Maintenance Schedule Responsible Person
1 Elevator Quarterly, On-call Electrical Maintenance Incharge
2 Fans Quarterly Electrical Maintenance Incharge
3 LED lighting Quarterly Electrical Maintenance Incharge
4 Air conditioner Quarterly Electrical Maintenance Incharge
5 Telephone – EPBX Quarterly Electrical Maintenance Incharge

*It is expected to maintain report of all maintenance activities done department wise along with documents like requisition form and service report with schedule.

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